Vivarium Lab RFID Cage Cards

Perform Fast Accurate Cost effective Census Data Collection

Efective, error free animal census data begins with accurate easy to read data collection tools. Our durable printed cage card and printer solution help prevent collection errors and reduce the time to take a census.

Durable Thermal printed cage cards provide a reliable easy to use and cost effective solution for identification of all lab cages, create custom cage and animal ID’s from deliveries and weanings. You can print high-resolution text, graphics and bar codes on the card using our integrated thermal printer and thermal ribbons. Printing is on demand, so there’s no waste and expense of printing entire laser sheets. They are extremely durable and will stand up to the wear and tear of a typical lab. Printed linear and 2-D bar codes are high-resolution, high contrast and scan immediately. Have the capability to create RFID cards.

Advantages of RFID Thermal Printed Cage Cards.

Available in multiple sizes and colors:

Easy to use: You print human readable data directly onto card surface at the same time the affixed RFID chip is being encoded with the required data needed for census. No need to match card and card holder.

Many choices: A wide variety of card materials and colors are available to meet all requirements. Many different RFID inlays are available to be affixed to cards to match any census taking system requirements.

Highly durable: Card material is tear proof and highly resistant to wear and repeated exposures to foam washes and alcohols. Cards are archivable as well as smudge proof.

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